We provide individual, couple, and family therapy.
Day and evening appointments are available, Monday to Friday.
Therapy is done on a fee for service basis based on gross family income.
Donations from our supporting community support clients who cannot afford the cost of counselling.

Psychological Assessments and Therapy

Psychological assessments are provided by a clinical psychologist.
Fees for these services are determined on a case by case basis and may be covered by an extended health plan.

Extended Health Coverage

Fees for counselling, psychological, social work and marriage and family therapy services may be covered through an Employee Assistance Plan or an Extended Health Plan at your place of employment.
Check your Employee Benefits Package or inquire about coverage with your Human Resources Department.

Vocational Assessments

We guide people regarding their career choices.
We offer access to vocational testing and counselling to assist people at the outset of their career search or in transition regarding their career.

Spiritual Direction

We accompany people on their journey in their relationship with God.
Fees are negotiated on an individual basis.

Workshops, Seminars and Retreats

On request, we provide workshops, seminars or on such topics as depression, anxiety; parenting; grief; trauma; marriage preparation; spirituality; and addictions.
Fees are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Consultation and Supervision

We offer consultation and supervision for counselling professionals.
We provide a work setting and supervision for graduate students in counselling programs.
We offer consultation for groups, churches and businesses regarding conflict management, team work, and organizational change.
Fees are negotiated on an individual basis.

Internship Program

Supervised internships are available for students in graduate level counselling and pastoral care programs.
Please contact Dr. Tory Hoff at 416-489-3350, ext. 222, to discuss your interest.