Christian Counselling Services is a private agency offering a variety of services:
Individual, couple and family therapy

Occasional group therapy regarding specific interests such as women's and
men's issues
Vocational assessments
Therapy and assessments conducted by psychologists
Consultation services for business or religious organizations
A not-for-profit charity providing counselling services since 1966

In 1966 a small group of Christians formed a prayer group because they felt a special concern for the needs of people in Toronto. From that prayer group a counselling agency has evolved which is staffed by qualified professional therapists who are Christians. Furthermore, the prayer group has developed into a large community of supporters from many denomination who continue to support the work with prayer and with gifts.

CCS is incorporated as a not-for-profit agency with a Board drawn from several denominations and professions. Although our therapy is done on a fee-for-service basis, we depend on our supporting community for donations to subsidize therapy for clients who cannot afford the full cost. We issue receipts for donations, as we are a registered charity. Our newsletter maintains contact with our supporters.

Our clients represent a cross-section of our society in terms of socio-economic status, education, race and religion. Their problems range from minor personal problems to the major psychiatric disorders.

Except when the services of a psychologist are involved, our fee scale for therapy is based on gross family income, which means that our fees compare favourably to those charged by private counselling agencies. Fees for vocational and psychological assessments as well as consultation services are determined on a case by case basis.