A. Ross Gibson
(Registered Psychotherapist)

B.A., B.D., Certificate in Psychotherapy
and Supervision
(Toronto, Institute for Human Relations), RP

Ross identifies himself as a pastoral psychotherapist/counsellor. He comes to his work with a background in English literature, theatre (acting, voice and speech coaching), public affairs broadcasting, congregational ministry, theological education and teaching. He has successfully completed studies in the theory and practice of psychotherapy and counselling. Ross is a full clinical member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists.
His professional interests are working with persons looking for partnership as they seek healing, growth and change around some of the following issues: abuse, neglect and trauma, relationship difficulties, depression, life transitions, and companioning men and women who are in the process of finding a personal spirituality. He is also interested in supporting people who are dealing with being the spouse or adult child of clergy members.
Ross finds that he is continually being “grown” for his work through his relationships with family, friends and colleagues, love of music, reading, commitment to the practice of contemplative prayer and spiritual growth in community, work for social justice, exploring his own humanity and a deep appreciation for dogs.